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A community needs assessment study was conducted over a period of one year through consultation with health care professionals in the field of addictions.  In addition, consumers in Peel and Halton regions were asked their opinions about the development of addiction services in the community, their satisfaction with these services, and what particular services are needed. 

Two primary research questions guided the study:

  1. What are the existing gaps, if any, that need to be addressed in Peel and Halton regions related to addiction services?
  2. To what degree are these gaps being met by addiction services?


The following issues are those which the study’s participants expressed the greatest need and largest gaps in service:

  1. Treatment needs to be readily available
  2. Community outreach – support services


It is crucial in an effective substance abuse system that extraordinary measures are taken to eradicate a gap in time or waiting periods for service delivery.  PACT strongly believes in an ideal continuum of care with no interruptions or wait times to the start of the treatment process. PACT also believes in providing the least restrictive and most appropriate environment possible for the client.

Finally, outreach services to families to effectively engage a hard to reach client is imperative.  The study noted individuals who enter treatment under pressure have outcomes as favourable as those that enter voluntarily.  Outreach services are needed to support the individual in his or her recovery in the community as well as the need for immediate resolution and support for family members, which is a unique service provided by PACT.

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