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Stages of Change: Where am I?

Precontemplation: no perceived need for change.
"I don’t have a problem."

Contemplation: thinking about making changes.
"Something is not quite right, maybe I am using too much but I don’t think so, but even if I am, I am not ready to do anything about it."

Preparation: preparing and feeling motivated to change.
"I don’t like how I feel or act and I got suspended at school, maybe I should consider reducing my use or stopping it altogether - maybe I’ll try stopping next week."

Action: actively making changes and modifying behaviour.
"I have stopped using and it is not as bad as I thought."

Maintenance: maintaining the change over a period of time.
"I still think about it and it was hard when I went to that party but I am doing ok without it - I feel better about myself."

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